Ethics of a Good Web Design

23 Aug

Simplicity is one aspect that should be taken seriously when designing any website. Simplicity should be applied at all cost so as to increase the user's experience. When designing the website make sure that it will not pose any challenge to anybody who will visit them. Avoid overdesigning of the website because this can sometimes create certain distractions for those who visit these sites. The offering of less distraction would only mean new business and conversions every time someone visits your website hence the need to design it in a manner that is simple to use and offers fewer distractions. Those who have the responsibility of designing websites should try and keep everything aligned on one page so as to provide a better user experience.

When it comes to designing of websites from LinkNow how the users will maneuver on the site when looking for information is always important. Navigation should, therefore, be a top priority in this case. Taking action and moving around the website should never be a difficult task. Navigation is therefore important because it not only determines how a user interacts with a site but it also determines the usability of your site. One of the ways of improving the navigation of the site is through clear wording as this can lessen any misunderstanding as to where the link will take the user through to.

For any website to be effective it should adjust to any screen like phones. This is because most of the users prefer to use their phones when accessing these websites. When designing the website make sure that it can be accessed from multiple devices with different screen sizes and therefore adaptability is an important element to be taken seriously. Your website should also be mobile friendly and if not then you can rebuild it in a responsive layout you can build a dedicated mobile site which is optimized specifically for LinkNow mobile users.

Another factor that is going to determine the number of people visiting your site is the load time. Most people do not want to waste time when looking for information and the time and speed your site will take to provide the information is therefore important. Most of the website visitors expect to get what they need fast and one of the ways of achieving this is through optimizing of the image sizes while at the same time making the design to be light. This will increase the load time and information can be accessed faster. To know more about web design, visit this website at

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